mansfield-300x225The Town of Mansfield was originally founded in the late 1680’s as a farming community complete with wildlife for hunting, fishing and livestock grazing.


During the Colonial Era, the town’s economy was based on a mixture of agriculture and iron working. The first gristmill was established in 1695 and the first iron forge in 1735.

Local officials made an effort to diversify the businesses in town. The coming of the railroads in the 1830’s established the town as a refueling and freight transfer point.

The Mansfield Board of Trade was formed in 1892 and was instrumental in bringing in the jewelry trade, which had settled next door in Attleboro. Immigrants from Italy, Ireland, and England moved to Mansfield to fill the manufacturing and farming jobs in the town.

The construction of Routes 24, 95 and 495 along with the development of the Mansfield/Foxboro Industrial Park brought a new life to Mansfield.

Today, Mansfield is deeply involved in a tremendous amount of the high tech industries such as electronics and computers. These clean industries have brought with them a residential base of workers to fill the positions of these industries as well as a large upscale residential population.